Checkout Optimization – SuperWeek 2013, Galyateto, Hungary #spwk


In a location almost like a winter fairy tale, up on a mountain near to Budapest, last week from 22 to 24 January at Galyatető – Hungary, has took place an important event about Digital Analytics: SuperWeek 2013, an English language conference series that shows insightful, fact based presentations from professionals in Web Analytics, Search, PPC.

This year speakers at SuperWeek: Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google Switzerland, Scott H. Herman (USA, Mountain View) from Google Analytics Premium, Jesse Nichols‘ (Google Analytics Partner Program – USA, MTV) on Universal Analytics, Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja, Israel), Phil Pearce (Conversion Works – UK), Kristoffer Ewald (NetBooster – Denmark), Luigi Reggiani (Google Analytics & Attribution, France), Julien Coquet (France) and me.

I was invited to be speaker there and I presented some usability guidelines applied to the checkout process on web stores. I made many friends there and I wish to thanks to organizers – Zoltán Bánóczy & Co, to all attendees, to conference speakers that enlighted me all the week.

I tried to show examples from hungarian online shops, so the guidelines were be easier to understand. . If there are any questions remaining unanswered from the presentation, I would be glad to answer them here. I would like also to maintain contact with the ecommerce market from Hungary, so please use my blog, my facebook, twitter & linkedin account, to keep me in touch with news from .hu.

I invite you to see some pictures that I’ve made at the conference. Thank you SuperWeek!