Spam Traffic / Ghost Traffic – Simple Solution: filter your Google Analytics data for “ / referral”

Starting a couple of days ago a small group of friends came to me and complained about some referrals they have in Google Analytics. They know I am a geek in this domain, so it was natural to ask me for help.

The guilty web site, that „sends” traffic to all my friends, is called “ / referral”. At least in Romania, this is the most common spammy site. Well, not spammy in the sense you know. So I tried not to emphasize this in Romania, which has some pure thoughts on Analytics (at least at this time), but this is what my good friend Phil Pearce – a super geek in Analytics & Adwords – is calling this “BlackHat Analytics”. If you really want to know why and learn about that it’s up to you.. (read more on a presentation held by Phil here – 3 presentations probably). I won’t advise you to do that. Keep your data collection and data thoughts sincere and honest.

So this is true, Blackhat Analytics exists, and now you know it! It is about misinforming a competing site and place some ghost traffic info into its reports. You are already scared about this false traffic that you received, that’s why I was called 3-4 times during this last week.

You’ve noticed that, from the 15th of March (at least in .RO it is the case), you have traffic from the “ / referral” site and you’ve tried to figure out what the.. it means, because, usually, when you go there it redirects you, probably with an affiliate code, to some money pages I suppose. So forget about these sites, there’s more of them, as I figured out reading a good article here: Removing Referral Spam from Google Analytics.


If you want to see this traffic naked please do this.

1 = go to “Acquisition”
2 = go to “All Traffic”
3 = select the “Source/Medium” report
4 = on the search field input “simple-share-buttons” and press enter, or press the magnifying glass.
5 = introduce a secondary dimension to this table to see where this traffic comes from by pressing the “secondary dimension” button (see it on the picture above) and write there “Service Provider” which will show on your report the Internet Service Provider related to that specific traffic

You’ll get this, which is not a natural traffic for you.


I will not try to write a geek article, believe me, but these hits have not even passed through your site, it is a fake call of a JavaScript function, an Analytics one, with a parameter that indicates your site, initiated on some other computers. As I tried to dig deeper, it seems to be a Chrome plugin that does that.

But, to keep it short, you’ll have to put a FILTER inside your Google Analytics account in order to ignore this annoying ghost traffic… but it is not a definitive solution, it is a temporary one, because this kind of spam can become more wide spread throughout the Internet and start to use more than the 10 fake sites it uses now.

The solution is described in Ben Travis’ article here: Removing Referral Spam from Google Analytics. Or, try this:

1) Go into admin mode
2) enter the filters area


3) press new filter


4) input a new one (exclude -> referral), based on this regex formula



If you set that filter on your account you’ll be happy, at least for now. But the dark side of the analytics will probably find another ghost /spam / black site to promote.. Always be prepared to read the data from strange referral sites in association with “hostname” or “service provider” as secondary dimensions. In this way you will see the true nature of your traffic (the naked traffic).

Hope now you’ll sleep better tonight!


ECOMpedia pentru Toti – Porti Permanent Deschise – consultanta gratuita fizic, sau prin skype

Incepand cu data de 14.10.2014 incep sa dau din nou consultanta gratuita – fata în fata, sau prin skype in domeniile: ecommerce, usability si analytics. Se va intampla in fiecare Marti, de la ora 14:00 la 16:00 in cadrul Start-UP Support gazduit de Connect HUB si apoi de la 16:00 la 18:00 in continuare inca 4 sloturi. In total voi putea primi 8 colegi de breasla de la ora doua la ora sase dupa-amiaza, cate o jumatate de ora fiecare, in consultatii 1 la 1 (fizic – fata in fata, sau online – prin skype). Detalii si inscrieri pe linkul:

Trainingul iAnalysis (2010) devine Sexy-Analytics (2014) – despre business, kpi-uri si un framework hot!


A venit momentul sa reincep trainingurile din zona de ecommerce, si voi incepe aceasta noua editie de cursuri cu cel de Analytics.

Multi dintre voi au fost la cursul meu din martie-mai 2010 numit iAnalysis. Alti colegi de breasla m-au rugat sa reiau cursul ca sa-si poata trimite colegii sa invete cum sa masoare corect conversiile unui magazin online, sau ale unei afaceri online. Vechiul curs iAnalysis si-a atins scopul si a deschis atunci drumul catre conversii masurate mai bine, avand la baza prezentarea unui instrument: Google Analytics.

Noul training de 1 zi, numit de aceasta data “Sexy Analytics” va prelua cateva lucruri bune de la iAnalysis, chestiuni care nu se vor perima niciodata, despre key performance indicators (kpi-uri), despre metodologie si despre business in general. Sexy Analytics desi va prezenta rapoarte din acelasi instrument, Google Analytics, va introduce un framework dezvoltat de mine pentru clientii mei in excel, cateva tabele, sexy sper eu, care povestesc drumul catre succes al unei companii din online. 

Trecerea la acest training o voi face treptat, lucrand in paralel la materialul destinat acestui curs. Vor fi o serie de 2 evenimente premergatoare lansarii acestui curs, si abia apoi in prima parte a lunii iunie, fix inainte de plecarea in vacanta, va voi dezvalui cat de sexi poate fi un raport de Analytics. Va promit ca in afara de franework-ul prezentat de mine atunci, probabil nu veti mai avea nevoie de multe alte instrumente.. va fi o informatie super hot!

Primele 2 evenimente, unde voi mari pe parcurs doza de sexyness, astfel incat in iunie sa fiti pregatiti, vor avea loc in zilele:

1) @Connect HUB, Dacia 99 – JOI, 15 mai 2014, 13.30 – 14.15, Disponibilitate: 14 locuri, Cost: 20 de lei

Sexy Analytics – Calea catre succes trece si printr-un raport. Afla care este acel Raport!
– nu este vorba de instrument in sine, ci numai despre cum il folosim –

Curs blitz de 45 de minute ce face introducerea la workshop-ul de 90 de minute pe aceeasi tema de la GPeC 2014, din data de 28 mai, ziua 3 a GPeC Summit.

Cursul blitz despre Analytics va trece prin urmatoarele subiecte:

  • key performance indicators, metrici de business, metodologie, scurt glosar de termeni
  • analiza eficientei campaniilor de marketing, cum completam unul din cele mai importante rapoarte, scurt excercitiu
  • analiza mixului de marketing si multi-channel, notiuni de baza

Cel mai bun framework (cadru de masurare: metrici, metodologie, evolutii, actionabile) va fi prezentat la final pe scurt, el urmand a fi dezvoltat ulterior, in urmatorul workshop, in cadrul GPeC Summit (26-27-28 mai).

2) @GPeC Summit, 28 mai 2014, Crystal Palace Ballrooms. Disponibilitate: 80+ locuri, Cost: 69 euro, ziua 3 – 3 workshop-uri (3-Day-Pass 157 euro – vezi pe

Sexy Analytics: daca dragostea trece prin stomac, succesul in e-commerce trece prin rapoarte si funneluri
– nu este vorba de instrument in sine, ci numai despre cum il folosim –

Workshop-ul de 90 de minute din cadrul GPeC Summit este un preambul la un training de 1 zi (3 module de 90 de minute fiecare), ce reia cursurile din seria iAnalysis din anul 2010, venind cu informatie acualizata si cu instrumente noi de lucru.

Workshop-ul despre Analytics va trece prin urmatoarele subiecte:

  • key performance indicators, metrici de business, metodologie, foarte scurt glosar de termeni
  • exercitii de calcul a eficientei campaniilor de marketing, cum completam unul din cele mai importante rapoarte (foarte putin si despre eficienta social media)
  • completarea rapoartelor periodice ale unui canal de marketing (ex.: adwords) pe conversii directe (last click) si pe conversii asistate (assisted clicks)
  • matricea decizionala ca element actionabil al unui framework solid de masurare, fisa unei campanii de marketing
  • cel mai bun framework (cadru de masurare) metrici, metodologie, evolutii, actionabile

In final se vor trece rapid in revista pasii necesari unui business mic pentru a implementa cu succes o cultura de tip “data driven” (axata pe date) in afacerea sa. Acesti pasi vor fi dezvoltati in cadrul trainingului de 1 zi din luna iunie 2014.

3) @Connect HUB, Dacia 99 – Miercuri, 4 iunie 2014, 09.00 – 16.00, Disponibilitate: 18-24 locuri, Cost: 120 de euro + TVA, Cost pentru membri GPeC Club, Comert Electronic si Open Connect: 100 de euro + TVA

Sexy Analytics: daca dragostea trece prin stomac, succesul in e-commerce trece prin rapoarte si funneluri!
– nu este vorba de instrument in sine, ci numai despre cum il folosim –


Trainigul de 1 zi cotine 3 module a cate 90 de minute fiecare si reia cursurile din seria iAnalysis facute de Liviu TALOI in anul 2010, venind cu informatie acualizata si cu instrumente noi de lucru.

Nu veni la trainingul Sexy Analytics daca:

  • nu vrei sa stii daca pierzi sau castigi bani din adwords sau facebook
  • nu te intereseaza ce reprezinta abrevierile ROI, CAQC sau LTV
  • nu te intereseaza evolutia principalelor tale obiective masurabile

Trainingul Sexy Analytics va aborda urmatoarele subiecte:

modul 1: De la business la metrici, kpi-uri si metodologie

  • key performance indicators, cum se alege o metrica de succes, metodologie
  • notiuni de baza multi-channel, modele de atribuire, conversii directe si asistate
  • analiza eficientei campaniilor de marketing, tabel excel, exercitii de completare conversii directe
  • analiza mixului de marketing in multi-channel, cand conteaza raportul multi-channel, exercitiu de completare a unor metrici in evolutie si medii statistice pe un canal media (adwords) intr-un tabel excel, conversii directe si asistate
  • automatizari, plugin-uri de analytics

modul 2: The Sexy Analytics Framework

  • prezentarea framework-ului (cadru de masurare)
  • pasii pentru atingerea unui marketing online integrat de catre o companie mica in maxim 6 luni de zile, fisa unei campanii de marketing, ce masuram
  • pasii pentru implementarea “The Sexy Analytics Framework” de catre o companie mica in maxim 6 luni de zile (obiective, cifre, evolutie, target, roi, ltv)

modul 3: Exercitii practice (recomandam fiecarui participant sa-si asigure accesul la contul personal de analytics pe laptop-ul propriu)

  • ce verifici in fiecare dimineata in 5 minute
  • cum incepi un proces de optimizare a conversiei plecand de la analytics
  • cum afli unde e problema in 5 minute dupa ce seful trimite un email despre scaderea vanzarilor
  • trecerea de la standard analytics la universal analytics, transformarea custom variables in custom dimensions, cele mai uzuale dimensiuni pentru comertul electronic
  • folosirea matricei decizionale si a unui soft specializat pentru analiza de tip multi-channel

Trainigul costa 120 de euro + TVA, iar pentru membri comunitatilor GPeC Club, Open Connect si Comert Electronic costa doar 100 de euro + TVA.
Durata trainingului: 9.00 – 16.00
Trainingul include: acces la suportul de curs (prezentarea trainerului), servicii de catering (3 pauze de cafea si 1 brunch)

Checkout Optimization – SuperWeek 2013, Galyateto, Hungary #spwk


In a location almost like a winter fairy tale, up on a mountain near to Budapest, last week from 22 to 24 January at Galyatető – Hungary, has took place an important event about Digital Analytics: SuperWeek 2013, an English language conference series that shows insightful, fact based presentations from professionals in Web Analytics, Search, PPC.

This year speakers at SuperWeek: Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google Switzerland, Scott H. Herman (USA, Mountain View) from Google Analytics Premium, Jesse Nichols‘ (Google Analytics Partner Program – USA, MTV) on Universal Analytics, Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja, Israel), Phil Pearce (Conversion Works – UK), Kristoffer Ewald (NetBooster – Denmark), Luigi Reggiani (Google Analytics & Attribution, France), Julien Coquet (France) and me.

I was invited to be speaker there and I presented some usability guidelines applied to the checkout process on web stores. I made many friends there and I wish to thanks to organizers – Zoltán Bánóczy & Co, to all attendees, to conference speakers that enlighted me all the week.

I tried to show examples from hungarian online shops, so the guidelines were be easier to understand. . If there are any questions remaining unanswered from the presentation, I would be glad to answer them here. I would like also to maintain contact with the ecommerce market from Hungary, so please use my blog, my facebook, twitter & linkedin account, to keep me in touch with news from .hu.

I invite you to see some pictures that I’ve made at the conference. Thank you SuperWeek!