Checkout Optimization – SuperWeek 2013, Galyateto, Hungary #spwk


In a location almost like a winter fairy tale, up on a mountain near to Budapest, last week from 22 to 24 January at Galyatető – Hungary, has took place an important event about Digital Analytics: SuperWeek 2013, an English language conference series that shows insightful, fact based presentations from professionals in Web Analytics, Search, PPC.

This year speakers at SuperWeek: Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google Switzerland, Scott H. Herman (USA, Mountain View) from Google Analytics Premium, Jesse Nichols‘ (Google Analytics Partner Program – USA, MTV) on Universal Analytics, Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja, Israel), Phil Pearce (Conversion Works – UK), Kristoffer Ewald (NetBooster – Denmark), Luigi Reggiani (Google Analytics & Attribution, France), Julien Coquet (France) and me.

I was invited to be speaker there and I presented some usability guidelines applied to the checkout process on web stores. I made many friends there and I wish to thanks to organizers – Zoltán Bánóczy & Co, to all attendees, to conference speakers that enlighted me all the week.

I tried to show examples from hungarian online shops, so the guidelines were be easier to understand. . If there are any questions remaining unanswered from the presentation, I would be glad to answer them here. I would like also to maintain contact with the ecommerce market from Hungary, so please use my blog, my facebook, twitter & linkedin account, to keep me in touch with news from .hu.

I invite you to see some pictures that I’ve made at the conference. Thank you SuperWeek!



One thought on “Checkout Optimization – SuperWeek 2013, Galyateto, Hungary #spwk

  1. am urmarit cu sete prezentarea pana la capat si merita tot timpul! remarcabila! de mult timp planificam sa ma documentez pe tema uzabilitatii si sa fac un refresh magazinului , iar acum dupa prezentarea asta am o tona de idei si nu mai am liniste pana nu incep implemetarea schimbarilor ! multumesc !

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