How to avoid fake conversions in AdWords – missing metric: conversion name

Google AdWords can import conversions from Google Analytics, which is a very good thing. But if you are an old customer and you already have a conversion code on your thank you page, and now you’re going to import conversions from Analytics, you’ll have twice that number of conversions: 1 from your old code in thank you page, 1 from your goal in analytics (if the goal is on the same thank you page). You may  triple your numbers if you are an online shop and decide to import also the e-commerce transactions (assuming you monitor e-commerce transactions as goals). So, with only 2 clicks more you just tripled your conversions number! Thus, some users are looking at the Cost per Conversion which could be wrong.. lower than real.

In fact, there is a missing metric hidden behind this problem. In Analytics you may have more than one goal, let’s say you are monitoring leads, or newsletter subscriptions, beside the e-commerce transactions. So, it would be nice to import them in Google AdWords. The problem in Campaign Reports, the main report used by majority of users, is that you cannot chose what very conversion you want to see there, or maybe split that number into particular conversions you are monitoring.  

So, next time you are importing conversions from Google Analytics in Adwords try to be careful and don’t do it without think a little!

[RO] Pe scurt si in romaneste.. daca esti magazin online si ai cont pe adwords, la care in trecut ai masurat conversia (cum este normal de altfel, obligatoriu as putea zice) prin cod de conversie pe pagina finala a comenzii, acel thank you page, si acum importi in Conversions la Adwords goal-ul de comanda, si mai apoi te hotaresti sa importi acolo si Tranzactiile de ecommerce, vezi avea acelasi lucru masurat de 3 ori. Iar in Campaigns, unde vezi costul per conversie te vei bucura pentru ca ai un cost de 3 ori mai mic. Atentie mare ce importati si ce nu importati din Google Analytics in AdWords. Spor la conversii!

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6 thoughts on “How to avoid fake conversions in AdWords – missing metric: conversion name

  1. Am si eu o dilema,
    Exista o modalitate de a crea un raport prin care sa vad traseul acelor clienti veniti prin adwords si nu au cumparat, sau a acelor clienti care s-au oprit pe traseul tunelului, adica acei clienti care au abandonat cosul?
    Mai am o rata de abandon cos destul de mare si inca nu stiu cum sa vad care este cauza.

    • @jteph intai trebuie sa detii un card adwords, apoi trebuie sa ai cont de adwords creat de maxim 10 zile. Intri in cont la billing preferences si acolo in ecranul al doilea gasesti locul unde poti introduce codul cuponului. Daca intre introducerea codului de pe cupon si crearea contului de adwords sunt mai mult de 10 zile nu poti folosi cuponul.

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