eYouGuide – your rights online, from European Commission

A guide helping consumers from all across EU to buy safely from online shops: eYouGuide – your rights online from European Commission

"In the EU, consumer rights online should not depend on where a company or website is based. National borders should no longer complicate European consumers’ lives when they go online to buy a book or download a song. In spite of progress made, we need to ensure that there is a single market for consumers as well as businesses on the web." Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media

"If we want consumers to shop around and exploit the potential of digital communications, then we need to give them confidence that their rights are guaranteed. That means putting in place and enforcing clear consumer rights that meet the high standards already existing in the main street. Internet has everything to offer consumers, but we need to build trust so that people can shop around with peace of mind."  Meglena Kuneva, Commissioner for Consumer Affairs

OBS: In curand va fi disponibil si in limba romana. Multumesc Octavian (ANCOM) pentru link. Pe cand si la noi Marca de Incredere??

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