Google SearchWiki – un experiment interesant, via Ionut Alex Chitu

Copy-Paste de la Ionut Alex Chitu:

Google’s experiment that allows users to vote and annotate search results is back and this time it has a name: Google SearchWiki. Justin Hileman is one of the lucky people who has access to the experimental feature: "Things are a bit smoother this time. Moving results is a nice, polished animation. I can’t wait for more community features to show up."

Garett Rogers noticed some new messages related to SearchWiki in Google’s translation console. Google describes the service as a way to "customize your search results with your rankings, deletions, and notes — plus, see how other people using Google have tailored their searches". You can promote or demote search results, add new web pages to your search results, post comments and read other people’s comments. It’s not clear whether user votes influence the overall ranking algorithm, but it’s likely that this is not the case.

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