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A lot has changed in the last 20 years. In the year that Shakespeare in Love won best picture at the Oscars, Britney Spears topped the charts and the Y2K bug terrified computer users everywhere, there were 186,270 advertisers. Whether due to high levels of consolidation, M&A, companies not surviving over the years, or a shift away from traditional classified advertising and increased use of endorsements or sponsorships, the number of advertisers has steadily dropped to less than half the number there were 20 years ago, a mere 85,630 advertisers (as of 2018).

Nielsen Ad Intel data shows that over the last five years, there has been a significant reduction in the number of advertisers in the top five advertising categories. In Entertainment & Leisure, advertisers have dropped from 28k to 18k; Finance from 6k to 5k; Food from 2k to 1k; Auto down from 7k to 6k; and Travel & Transport from 9k to 6k.

Despite this, and thanks to the evolution of digital media, the total number of creatives has actually increased across most of the top five advertising categories. The more adverts there are, the more difficult it becomes for brands to cut through the noise and reach their intended audience.

The brands that will successfully future proof their advertising strategies will be the ones that follow best practice for advertising within their sector. Here are a few things for marketers to consider.

Sursa: https://www.nielsen.com/uk/en/insights/news/2019/advertising-landscape-continues-to-shift-what-brands-need-to-know.html
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