87% of shoppers (UK) directly affected by the recession – via shoppercentric.com

This study made by ShopperCentric.com was done based on 1015 online interviews among the main grocery shoppers. Some nice findings:

  1. Women appear to be reacting faster to tightening their belts, with 50% of women falling into the Soft Reactor group (these shoppers claim they have had to make changes to household spending because of the recession, but that so far these changes are small) compared with 46% of men.
  2. Perhaps the biggest difference between this recession and those of the past is that there are a number of ways shoppers can make changes to their shopping habits.
  3. “Do I really need it?” has become a key mantra of shoppers in recession.
  4. Andy Bond, CEO of Wal-Mart’s Asda Group – interview in Telegraph: “I believe that the economic slowdown has transformed consumers and brought an abrupt end to the era of conspicuous consumption. People will no longer overpay on food, no matter what their income or social class. […] There has been a fundamental shift that will see the emergence of a new breed of consumer.
  5. It’s not purely about low prices, it is also about ideas and inspiration on how to cope with the downturn, and being positive in the recession – helping take shoppers minds off the situation.

More insights in the ShopperCentric.com ezine here.

LATER UPDATE: "The mouse click shopping is booming, EU Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva made yesterday, but also on the dark side of e-commerce ‘attention: It is the Internet shopper is clearly dealers from his home country of preference – a blatant contradiction to the noble principle of the common market.  While only the "Big Three" (Germany, Britain, France) in key sectors 70 percent of e-commerce turnover deny lagging the recent member states Bulgaria and Romania dramatically behind. You only buy 3 or 4 percent of consumers via the Internet, but also Greece, Italy and Portugal (10%) does not cut much better." – from DerWesten.de

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